Venaseal: A Fast, Comfortable New Vein Treatment


If you are active and spend most of your time on the go, taking time out of your schedule to deal with the difficulties and discomfort caused by varicose veins may seem impossible or cause you to put treatment off. Fortunately, advancements in medicine make restoring your legs’ health and youthful appearance faster and more comfortable than ever. Venaseal is a new service offered by the professionals at Advanced Vein Therapy. This outpatient treatment is minimally invasive and has patients back up on their feet and ready to get back to the things that are most important to them without downtime or the need for compression stockings after completing treatment.

There are numerous reasons patients put off treating the varicose veins in their legs. Perhaps you are worried about experiencing pain. Venaseal maximizes patient’s comfort by minimizing the number of punctures required to access affected veins. With one puncture point, our physicians are able to acquire the access to the vein that is required. A small, soft tube is then gently guided to the upper part of the leg and medical glue is administered sealing the vein shut. Manual compression, much like what you have experienced during a massage, is applied at the area where the glue has been injected to help complete the seal.

Other vein treatments use heat and require tumescent anesthesia to ensure a patient’s comfort. This leads to multiple sticks with needles, which can result in extra bruising and even the possibility of nerve injury. Heat is not used during a Venaseal treatment, eliminating the need for multiple punctures and their unpleasant side effects. The majority of patients report feeling minimal to no pain during their procedure and instead share that pressure along the treatment site is the primary sensation they experience.

One of the biggest benefits that Venaseal offers today’s active patient is the ability to return to normal activities after the procedure is done. Other treatments require extended downtime or the use of compression stocking for a designated length of time. With Venaseal, you can avoid the discomfort and embarrassment of wearing compression apparel and return to life as usual.

“The recovery was nearly painless and I was running on the treadmill the next day.” – AVT Venaseal patient

Though rarely requested, anti-anxiety medication is available to patients who are extra nervous. This delays the recovery time slightly. However, if you choose Venaseal as your solution for varicose veins, typical side effects only include slight tenderness and bruising that require nothing more than over the counter medications for relief.

Venaseal is perfect for busy moms with children to take care of, professionals on the go, and physically active individuals who don’t have time for downtime. If you are troubled by varicose veins and want a treatment option that is comfortable and fast, call to find out more about the Venaseal treatment option offered at Advanced Vein therapy. It’s possible to get your healthy legs back and be on your feet again without missing a step!