Vein Treatment – Now is the time to Plan ahead!

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Planning Your Vein Treatment

The New Year isn’t that far away and as it nears people start thinking about making and following through with resolutions they’ve had on their mind for a while. If planning and following through with vein treatment is something you’ve been wanting to do for a while, now is the time to prepare yourself so that when the new year rolls in, you’re ready to finally take that next step.

What you need to know

While considering and researching vein treatment options, questions are bound to pop up and there is no better way to have them answered then by scheduling a consult. During an initial consult at Advanced Vein Therapy, an Interventional Radiologist will conduct a physical examination, review your medical history, and educate you on the treatments that are available and appropriate for your specific condition. They will also take time to answer your questions in-depth and give you helpful information on how to manage your symptoms until you are treated.

Prior to receiving your treatment plan, a vein mapping ultrasound will be conducted to determine your exact condition and the treatments that are best suited to your unique needs. In the case of medical vein treatments, the new patient consult and ultrasound are done during the first appointment. This helps to expedite treatment plans and insurance authorizations.


Having your insurance information ready in advance will help reduce stress and insure that your treatment experience is efficient. Most insurance companies cover vein treatments because they are considered medically necessary and our staff works directly with your insurance to pre-authorize all procedures.


Preparing yourself for expenses associated with your treatment ahead of time will help you feel prepared and in control of your experience. The good news is that there is no up-front payment when you schedule your treatment with us. We don’t even require a co-payment; instead we bill your insurance directly.

Lack of insurance should not be a barrier to receiving treatment. At Advanced Vein Therapy we offer payment plan options that allow patients to get the help they need.

Preparing for your vein treatment in advance will make fulfilling your commitment to a happier, healthier 2017 easier. Call us today to find out more about booking your consultation.