Vein Treatment – Will This Really Improve My Life?

Venous disease doesn’t happen overnight. Many patients may not realize that anything is wrong until the symptoms begin to interfere with their ability to enjoy their daily activities. Not just a cosmetic issue, venous disease can make it difficult to exercise, work and even interfere with your sleeping habits.

“It’s worth the drive.”

For the many satisfied patients of AVT, vein treatment really did improve their life. Patients like Marla who drove 3 hours from her home in Oregon because she knew she could trust the experienced radiologists and staff at our Boise, Idaho location. Varicose veins were making it difficult for her to enjoy long walks like she used to and even kept her from playing with her grandchildren. Her venous disease had become so serious that she her risk of having a heart attack or stroke was elevated in addition to the pain and heaviness that she was feeling in her legs.

“I was so pleased to work with the RN… she explained everything to me.”

Rita had been hiding her legs for years because her surface veins had become so visible that her grandchildren thought they were tattoos. She wasn’t nervous to undergo treatment because our cosmetic sclerotherapy specialist took the time to carefully explain each step and answer any questions that she had. Now when she vacations with her family in Mexico this year, she’ll be wearing shorts and swimsuits without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

“I feel like I have more energy… I can do more things.”

Rather than enjoying all that summer has to offer, Kathy wasn’t able to hike and camp like she used to and she definitely wasn’t wearing shorts anymore. Referred to AVT by her primary care physician, vein treatment made it possible for her to get out with her family and friends more and have the energy to do what made her happy.

Why let venous disease interfere with your life any longer? Our board-certified radiologists have performed thousands of procedures at our clinic as well as area hospitals. We are Treasure Valley’s vein experts and offer many treatment options to help your legs look and feel better. Schedule a complimentary vein screening today to learn more.