Varicose Veins in Children

Q:  Do you treat varicose veins in children?

A: The children we have seen at Advanced Vein Therapy have all had congenital vascular malformations , not varicose veins, these have been successfully treated with sclerotherapy.

This type of treatment for a varicose vein would be dependent on the age and the size of the child, also the source and size of the vein. Often times, a completely normal vein can be identified as varicose simply because it is visible to the naked eye. Knowing if the vein of concern is painful for the child and/or protruding would be helpful in diagnosing.

Varicose veins are not common in children, however they can occur as early as 12 years of age. Family history is important -> the strongest determinant of a person’s risk for varicose veins is heredity.

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