Symptoms You Should Know About

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You use your legs to walk, run, swim, climb, bike, and perform hundreds of other activities. You can’t afford to let the pain and aches associated with tired legs and heavy legs slow you down. You have work that needs to be done and things that you need to do. You might have heard people talk about heavy legs and tired legs, but you never thought you would be suffering from the associated symptoms. Advanced Vein Therapy wants you to have the information you need so you can identify the symptoms and work toward a healthier you. Here are the symptoms you should know about.

Heavy Leg Symptoms

If you are suffering from heavy legs you will notice a certain feeling when you have been on your feet all day, either standing or walking. One of the biggest symptoms is swelling. The swelling can become severe enough that you might feel like wearing sandals instead of confining shoes. Since your legs are swollen, they will also feel heavy. That is the next symptom. The heaviness may also be accompanied by an aching sensation. If you decide to keep standing, or if you try to walk it off, you will notice that the pain in your legs will increase. The heavy feeling might increase as well. Heavy leg symptoms are not always the same for everyone, but most people simply feel that their legs are heavy, tired or full. You will also notice that you can reduce the pain or heavy feeling by resting with your legs inclined. As your case of heavy leg syndrome increases, you might notice that it takes longer for your legs to feel better.

Tired Leg Symptoms

With tired leg syndrome, there is often the feeling of pain. It isn’t sharp, but it will feel more like a dull burning sensation. Sometimes people don’t describe the feeling as painful, but more of an uncomfortable sensation inside of their legs. Still though, the most common symptoms of tired legs is a painful, almost fatigued sensation. The pain is different than other types of pain, you will know that your leg hurts, but you might not be able to identify an exact spot. You might even call it a dull throbbing. Another symptom of tired leg syndrome that is easy to identify is how the pain increases if you are standing. The pain can become a lot more intense. If you rest your legs with your ankle higher than your hip, you will be able to decrease the discomfort, but be warned. The moment you stand up again the tired aching sensation will return.

The Causes of Tired Leg Syndrome and Heavy Leg Syndrome

It all comes back to your veins. Your leg veins have an important job. They need to get the blood from your feet and legs back up to your heart. In order for your veins to accomplish this mighty task, your veins use two things to their advantage. First off, your leg veins come with tiny valves that keep the blood from running back to your feet. The second thing they use are your leg muscles. The muscles in your legs are big. As you walk or run, the muscles in your legs squeeze your veins and help your veins move your blood. Unfortunately, if you do a lot of standing or sitting, your leg veins won’t have the muscular support they need. Over time those little valves begin to feel the strain and stop being efficient. The swelling associated with heavy legs and the pain from tired legs is a result of your leg veins being unable to move your blood. Varicose veins and spider veins can easily occur under these conditions. It might sound scary, but there is hope in the way of vein treatment.

Advanced Vein Therapy

We specialize in veins. It’s what we do. At Advanced Vein Therapy, we can help you love your legs. We have a variety of treatment options and solutions to help you solve your health obstacles. We are committed to building your confidence and giving you the right solutions. If you suffer from the symptoms of heavy of tired legs, give us call and make an appointment. We want to help.