Suffering from heavy, tired legs? Let Advanced Vein Therapy help!

Question: My mom is 80 years old, and has been suffering from heavy, tired legs for the past 2 years.  They have completely put a damper on ALL the things she loved to do as well her activity level.  Her current health care professional is only treating her with compression socks (for the past 2 years) which do not seem to be helping. Does your office offer consultations to see if you might be able to help her out?

Answer: Your mother doesn’t have to spend another day living with symptoms like:

  • Swelling in her legs
  • Tired or heavy legs
  • Leg pain and discomfort
  • Bulging veins

At Advanced Vein Therapy, our vascular trained Interventional Radiologists and Physician Assistants from Gem State Radiology specialize in the advanced treatment of vein disorders and will get her back to doing the things she loves. Advanced Vein Therapy offers free consultations (based on third party payer restrictions) as well as initial consult appointments. Call us at (208) 947-0100 to schedule!