What To Expect

  1. A thorough, initial consult with one of our Interventional Radiologists, which will include physical examination, history, and education regarding current treatment methods, and how to better manage your symptoms until you are treated.
  2. Prior to receiving your treatment plan, a detailed vein mapping ultrasound will be performed to determine the source and extent of disease, and how best to treat your varicose veins.
  3. Once a treatment plan has been determined, the AVT staff will work with your insurance carrier to pre-authorize the treatment.
  4. All endovenous laser thermal ablation (EVLT) procedures are performed by an experienced Interventional Radiologist from Gem State Radiology.
  5. Assurance from the AVT team that you will have a thorough understanding of the treatment process and what your recovery will be like…..we want you back doing the things you love!