When a vein becomes varicose, it may appear enlarged and gnarled, and/or dark in coloring. The most common place that varicose veins appear is in the legs and feet. This is due to the pressure veins experience when standing or walking. While heredity plays a role in varicose veins—age, sex, and a lifestyle that requires long periods of standing and sitting can increase the risk of veins becoming varicose.

Individuals who suffer from varicose veins sometimes experience unpleasant sensations that range from a feeling of heaviness and aching in the legs to burning and sometimes even cramping of the muscles. If you think you may have veins that have become varicose, there’s good news. Ambulatory phlebectomy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment that gives people suffering from varicose veins relief from the discomfort and embarrassment of their condition and helps them have confidence in their skin again.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy in Boise

Advanced Vein Therapy in Boise provides ambulatory phlebectomy for individuals suffering from varicose veins. The medical and administrative staff at Advanced Vein Therapy is dedicated to providing the best customer service and care for individuals with spider and varicose veins and strives to find the solutions that best fits each patient’s unique needs. Your safety and health is our top priority, so prior to performing an ambulatory phlebectomy our doctors make sure it is the right treatment for your condition (candidates must be able to walk and wear compression stockings). If an ambulatory phlebectomy is right for you, we will schedule treatments for a time that works for you.

The Procedure

When you receive an ambulatory phlebectomy procedure at our Boise office, you can expect superior care during this minimally invasive treatment. During your phlebectomy, we target veins that are located just under the skin through tiny incisions or needle punctures that do not require stitches. This micro incision allows us to use local anesthesia to maximize your comfort. Most of our patients experience little to no pain.

Once the phlebectomy is complete, your leg will be placed inside of a compression wrap. The compression wrap will be fitted so that it is snug but not uncomfortable. Expect to be up on your feet immediately after the procedure as the ambulatory phlebectomy is an outpatient treatment. Any bruising or swelling you experience will be temporary, and continuing to wear your compression stockings can minimize recovery pain. As with all procedures there is a risk for infection. We will continue to monitor your recovery to make certain you are healing and have a full recovery.

Advanced Vein Therapy

At Advanced Vein Therapy, you receive the most advanced procedures available to treat venous diseases today. Our knowledgeable and customer service driven staff has made us one of the leading vein centers in the Boise area. We rely on the most scientifically current procedures our patients experience higher success rate and fewer complications. Our team understands that everyone is different, so we custom fit our procedures to make them highly effective for you.

Our goal at Advanced Vein Therapy, is to make sure you love your legs again. If you suffer from varicose veins, give us a call. Schedule a consultation and meet with our licensed professionals to find out if an ambulatory phlebectomy is right for you.

A better life begins with Advanced Vein Therapy.