Success Stories

Success Stories

Advanced Vein Therapy has helped numerous individuals with the swelling, pain, numbness and cosmetic appearance of their legs. Listen to the stories of these patients as they describe how AVT improved their quality of life.

He loves to bike. 

Hear about how Advanced Vein Therapy was able to help James continue doing what he loves without drawing attention to his legs.

She loves to go camping, get out for a walk, and basically be outdoors when the weather is nice.

Hear how Jody was able to get back to the things she loves with varicose vein treatment by Advanced Vein Therapy.

Dale hikes, rides his bike, or walks almost daily.

He says his varicose veins itched. Following his varicose vein procedure, he says you can’t even tell he ever had varicose veins.

Hear how varicose vein treatment made a difference in Mark’s active lifestyle.

Following treatment, Mark says he doesn’t even think about it. He doesn’t get the irritation and swelling after activities.

“It’s worth the drive.”

Hear how Advanced Vein Therapy has changed Marla’s life.

Hear why Rita chose to have her Spider Veins treated for cosmetic reasons.

“I was so pleased to work with the RN… she explained everything to me.”

“I feel like I have more energy… I can do more things.”

Hear how Advanced Vein Therapy treated the swelling and numbness in Kathy’s legs.

“I wish I would have had this done sooner.”

Hear how Advanced Vein Therapy helped Betty with the appearance of her legs.

“Going to Advanced Vein Therapy changed my life.”

Hear how Advanced Vein Therapy helped Jim with the swelling in his legs. 

“I kind of gave up for a couple of years…”

Hear how Advanced Vein Therapy treated Rebecca’s unsightly varicose veins. “I kind of gave up for a couple of years, but then a friend said ‘Advanced Vein Therapy is wonderful, try them.’”