Spider Veins & Treatment

Spider Veins & Treatment

Do you avoid some of your favorite activities like swimming and stand up paddle boarding because you are embarrassed of the spider veins that have appeared on your legs? Have you lost the motivation it takes to get out because of the discomfort they cause? The professionals at Advanced Vein Therapy in Boise want you to know that they understand. You are not alone.

Spider veins are a common concern. Around 30 to 60 percent of people have spider veins and unfortunately, it is much more common in women. Knowing that your condition is common may not make it better, but it is the reason we offer a number of treatment options that can minimize the appearance of and even remove these veins completely.

Our vein specialists are experience professionals who are ready to work with you and come up with a treatment that fits your unique condition so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy most.

What are Spider Veins?

The red, blue and purple webbed lines just under your skin are tiny veins referred to as spider veins. They commonly occur on legs, however, you can find them on your face as well. Poor circulation often leads to the appearance of spider veins. Your heart is higher than your legs, and as a result, your veins have to fight against gravity to move the blood back up to it. If anything begins to constrict the flow of blood, spider veins begin to develop.

While spider veins are unsightly, they don’t always cause physical discomfort. Unfortunately, when they do, it can be debilitating. Spider vein leg pain is often experienced as a throbbing sensation in your legs. Swelling, itching, cramping, and aches can occur along with this sensation. In some cases you might even develop a rash around the area where the spider veins have appeared. In severe cases, ulcers and lesions may occur.

Spider Vein Treatment

You can have healthy looking and feeling legs again. Advanced Vein Therapy specializes in treatments that target spider veins. Our treatments are not invasive. You don’t have to undergo dramatic surgeries. You won’t have to visit a hospital. All you need to do is come to Advanced Vein Therapy in Boise for a consultation with one of our vein specialists. At Advanced Vein Therapy, we offer a variety of treatment options and want to make certain you get one that is tailor made to fit your needs.

Our staff will treat you with compassion and always puts your comfort and safety first. One of the most effective treatments we offer is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy uses a micro needles and a foaming solution to get rid of spider veins. Most patients report minimal discomfort during the procedure, though some may experience a light stinging sensation while treatment is taking place. Sclerotherapy is a simple and easy procedure that will help you regain healthy looking skin that can be done in office. You walk in for treatment and walk out shortly after feeling confident about the results.

Advanced Vein Therapy in Boise

At Advanced Vein Therapy in Boise, we help our patients understand their condition and educate them about all of the measures they can take to improve the circulation to their legs. Our treatments can help eliminate spider veins and alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with venous disease.

Our friendly, customer service oriented staff will help you feel calm, comfortable, and confident in the care you are receiving. We will walk you through your spider vein treatment options, our process, and answer any questions you might have. We offer a low stress atmosphere where you don’t feel pressured to make a decision you aren’t ready for, and spend the time it takes to understand your unique situation and put together a treatment plan that addresses your needs. At Advanced Vein Therapy, you will get the level of dedication and superior care that you deserve because we are committed to helping you love your legs.