Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Veins Before After

As a soon-to-be mother, you knew motherhood was going to affect your body. However, you weren’t planning on pregnancy contributing to those pesky fine blue and red lines on your legs known as spider veins , which seem to become more prevalent with age.

Spider veins are dilated blood capillaries that are visible underneath the surface of the skin. They can have the appearance of individual lines, or branch out in clusters that come across with a bruise appearance effect. Other factors that can cause spider veins are hormones, weight gain, heredity and sitting or standing for long periods of time. While spider veins can be uncomfortable, they are mostly visibly annoying, and can make you feel self-conscious when wearing garments that expose your legs. You are not alone! Approximately 60% of individuals, mostly women, understand the frustration of trying to cover-up spider veins.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective spider vein treatment. A simple outpatient procedure, Sclerotherapy is performed by our certified staff using a small needle to insert an FDA approved solution into the vein. Once administered, the medication fills the vessel causing the walls to close and stick together resulting in the scarring and eventual disappearance of the vein in three to six weeks.

“A newfound freedom – I feel a lot more confident,” says Mary, a cosmetic Sclerotherapy patient, a sentiment we frequently hear. What a relief to be able to wear shorts, skirt or even a swimsuit this summer for any family outing or event without spider veins playing a starring role.

Put yourself first this Mother’s day and schedule a consult with one of our professionals at Advance Vein Therapy. A spider vein-free summer is just a few steps away.