Insurance Coverage for Vein Treatments

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Problematic veins may only seem unsightly, but they can also be a medical condition that poses a risk to your circulatory health. When treatments for vein issues are considered medically necessary, most insurance companies will provide coverage for the treatment plan that works best for your condition.

In the case of cosmetic vein treatment, for, say, spider veins, even though they are not covered by insurance, we perform these regularly in our office.


What is Considered Medically Necessary?

Veins that are swollen or painful can indicate that medical treatment is necessary. While wearing compression stockings and other measures may help ease the pain of varicose veins, they will not go away unless they are closed or removed using one of the many vein treatment options available. In addition, varicose veins can negatively impact blood circulation, which can pose a number of health risks. For this reason, most insurers will provide coverage for the treatment.

Before determining coverage eligibility, the insurance company will likely ask to review the results of your venous ultrasound. Venous ultrasounds are performed in a vein specialist’s office to evaluate venous insufficiency. These ultrasounds are often required and covered by insurance, dependant on your plan. When an ultrasound indicates venous insufficiency causing ulcers, swelling, backward blood flow, or heaviness and impacts your activities of daily living, vein treatment is generally considered medically necessary. At this point, our team will work with the insurance company to determine coverage and any out-of-pocket expenses before any treatment plan is started.


Coverage Options for Procedures

No one should ever let a lack of coverage stop them from obtaining the treatments they need when it comes to medically necessary vein procedures. At AVT, our billing company is happy to work with you on setting up a payment plan, regardless of coverage, in order for you to get the treatments you require. We also offer a discounted pay at the time of service price for those who are uninsured or have an insurance carrier that we do not currently participate with.


What is Considered Cosmetic?

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, are generally considered cosmetic, and the procedures to treat them are not intended to treat a medical problem. Instead, they typically focus on a person’s appearance or aesthetic goals. These treatments are important to patients because they can improve self-esteem and restore a person’s confidence. Unfortunately, since cosmetic treatments are not deemed medically necessary, insurance companies will not cover these.


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