What Causes Tired Legs?

Individuals with Venous Disease may experience what is referred to as tired leg symptoms. This condition often starts with slightly uncomfortable aching, heaviness and throbbing sensations that arise after an active day and are alleviated with a period of rest. As the condition progresses basic daily tasks become more difficult. Examples of this may include walking up and down stairs, standing while doing the dishes, being on your feet all day at work, or sitting for extended periods of time. In order to find relief, the underlying cause must be addressed.

Tired leg symptoms happen when the valves in the veins stop working correctly. Healthy leg veins move blood from your feet back up to your heart. When the valves in the veins aren’t working properly, blood begins to pool increasing pressure on the veins, and varicose veins begin to form.

The following may lead to tired leg symptoms: smoking, long periods of standing or sitting, tight clothing, high heels, and pregnancy.

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