Cosmetic Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Spider Veins Before After

Maybe you used to notice them on your grandma when you were growing up, but you never thought they’d appear on your legs. You may have thought that you had a slight bruise at first until it never actually went away and more appeared. There’s no doubt about it; you are one of the 60% of Americans who have spider veins. These dilated capillaries visible on your skin occur mainly in women and people in professions like nursing and teaching that require a lot of standing all day.

The good news is that spider veins are primarily a cosmetic issue and will cause only minor discomfort if any. Even so, you may be unhappy with what they have done to the way your legs look. Their appearance can replace your formerly smooth skin with blue, red or purple splotches that resemble spider legs or little road maps. This is where cosmetic Sclerotherapy comes in.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy can remove these problematic veins during an in-office procedure. Under the guidance of ultrasound or a special light, a unique medication is injected into the veins using a very small needle. This FDA approved solution safely fills the space in the vein, causing the vein wall to become irritated and scarred. The treated vein then eventually closes itself off and disappears from the skin’s surface.

Spider Veins Before After

Within three to six weeks following the treatment, it will be as if the spider veins were never there!

Spider Veins 4

Most patients with spider veins are candidates for cosmetic Sclerotherapy, however those that are pregnant, on birth control pills or have issues with blood clots are not advised to have this procedure performed. Even though the treated veins will not return, it does not prevent the reoccurrence of new spider veins on other parts of your legs in the future.


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