Choosing The Right Vein Treatment

If you’ve been dealing with the discomfort and unsightliness of varicose veins, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many vein treatment options available. Which choice is best for you and how do you know which doctor to trust?  We’ve prepared a handy guide to aid in your decision.

  • Is The Doctor A Vein Specialist? —There seems to be a huge increase in the number of physicians offering varicose vein treatment. Just because they attended one course in vein treatment does not mean they are vein specialists. At AVT, our interventional radiologists and physicians assistants have undergone advanced training in treating vascular problems and have successfully completed hundreds of procedures.
  • Do They Have The Right Tools? —If your doctor is not using ultrasound as part of your diagnosis and treatment, you should not allow them to work on your legs. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to have a detailed look at your entire venous system, not just what’s happening on the surface. This means you will receive the best treatment option for your situation and problems that aren’t visible from the surface won’t be overlooked.
  • Do They Offer Different Types of Treatment? —Just as no two patients are exactly alike, neither is their venous disease. One patient may be a candidate for sclerotherapy whereas another would have a better outcome from endovenous laser treatment. Some doctors are only qualified to perform one or the other.

The board-certified interventional radiologists at AVT are committed to providing the best vein care possible by using the latest imaging and treatment technologies. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust that you will receive the right treatment from the right physicians. Our specialties include:

Sclerotherapy: If you have “spider veins” or diseased veins that aren’t visible to the naked eye, foam sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment option. It has proven to be the most successful way to treat veins that have too many curves to be safely treated with endovenous laser treatment. A small, ultrasound-guided needle is inserted into the vein and a special sclerosing medication is injected. The vein eventually closes and the flow of blood is rerouted to other vessels.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLA or EVLT):  For patients with painfully large varicose veins, EVLT offers a minimally-invasive way to shrink the diseased veins and restore both the comfort and appearance of your legs.

Phlebectomy: Medium-sized varicose veins respond well to a phlebectomy. The vessels are nicked by tiny incisions or needle punctures while the patient is under local anesthetic. Most patients experience no pain or discomfort during the treatment and the long-term results are excellent. This therapy may be used along with EVLT as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

The best way to know which vein treatment will benefit your varicose veins the most is to schedule a free* varicose vein screening. It’s a great way to assess the severity of your venous disease as well as get to know our staff and ask any questions that you may have. Call (208) 947-0100 to schedule your visit today.

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