Living with Varicose Veins

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With summer temperatures soaring, residents in the Boise area will be opting for more revealing clothing, spending more time swimming, and planning trips to the beach or cooler mountain destinations. While these activities can help you better deal with the summer heat, they can also make living with varicose veins more difficult. At Advanced Vein […]

Celebrating Men’s Health Month

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June is designated as Men’s Health Month. Coinciding with Father’s Day celebrations, it serves to raise awareness about the common types of health issues men often face. In general, men are at a higher risk of developing certain types of illnesses, injuries, and chronic medical conditions, which includes varicose veins. Men are often too busy […]

Treating Vein Issues While Pregnant

Leg Pain Of A Pregnant Woman

Preparing for the birth of a baby is one of the happiest times in a couple’s life. Unfortunately, for some pregnant women, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable. Morning sickness, muscle aches, and general changes in body functioning can all impact your mood and your ability to sleep or perform even simple […]

The Connection Between Stress and Varicose Veins

Stressful Day.

Reviewed By: Anthony Giauque, MD   The situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has everyone feeling stressed. School closures put extra demands on parents, business closures jeopardize your financial security, and concern over your own health or that of loved ones increases general anxiety levels. Unfortunately, all of this added stress can impact your health and […]

Getting Rid of Spider Veins: Prepping for Summer

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As the season starts to change and the temperature slowly warms, residents in Boise will be trading in long winter pants and skirts for more warm weather attire like shorts, sundresses, and swimsuits. If you suffer from spider veins, the time to seek treatment for them is now! At Advanced Vein Therapy, we help our […]

5 Signs That It’s Time to Treat Your Varicose Veins

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For many people with varicose veins, these enlarged or twisted veins are only a superficial or cosmetic problem. In other words, for numerous patients with varicose veins, the varicose veins do not pose any type of physical harm or medical risk. At the same time, however, varicose veins can cause significant achiness and pain, and […]

Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy and Tired?

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While your legs may feel heavy and tired after a workout or after a long day on your feet at work, it is not normal to always experience legs that feel weak and tired. When you consistently have heavy legs and feet, and you cannot pinpoint a cause, it may be time to seek help […]

When to Worry About Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins are those twisting, raised lines that appear just below the skin’s surface. They can appear in other areas of the body, but generally run through your feet and legs. They indicate damaged areas where the blood fails to flow properly and instead pools in the veins, which is why they are typically dark […]

Can Valves in Veins Be Repaired?

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Your veins play an integral role in the body, carrying blood to and from the heart. Reduced blood flow or circulation due to damaged vein valves can leave you feeling weak and lethargic. In severe cases, it can cause blockages or blood clots to form, putting your overall health in serious jeopardy. The location of […]