Why Choose AVT

Venous disease can impair your lifestyle. It can slow you down and cause pain and soreness, robbing you of an active lifestyle. With the help of Advanced Vein Therapy and modern vein disease treatments, you can beat vein disease.

The physicians that perform vein procedures at Advanced Vein Therapy are all board certified Interventional Radiologists. This means they are subspecialty trained physicians who specialize in performing medical procedures that involve the use of imaging equipment such as x-ray, MRI, CT, and ultrasound to diagnose and treat disease.

Each year our radiologists perform thousands of procedures at area hospitals as well as Intermountain Medical Imaging. At AVT our patients benefit from these physicians years of experience with image guidance and ultrasound to diagnose and treat vein disease at the source, non-surgically.

In addition, the medical staff at AVT are all registered medical sonographers and/or vascular technologists, which mean they have earned additional accreditation in vascular anatomy and imaging.