A Testimony to Patient Care at Advanced Vein Therapy

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Varicose and spider veins can affect many areas of your life. Perhaps you feel embarrassed and find yourself avoiding favorite activities like swimming. Or, maybe you’re uncomfortable in your favorite skirt or pair of shorts. There may even be discomfort that interrupts daily tasks like walking up and down stairs and going on a stroll through the park.

When you come to Advanced Vein Therapy (AVT) in hopes of a solution, the staff understands that you may feel self-conscious, nervous, and concerned. You can expect to feel supported, from the moment you walk in the front door until you are fully healed.

The staff made me feel extremely comfortable. I also appreciated how knowledgeable everybody was and how they walked me through the whole process. -Tina E.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Offering highly effective, and minimally invasive treatments like Venaseal, Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), Phlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy, the AVT team is dedicated to making sure that you feel comfortable and confident about your care. The physicians work with you to ensure that you are fully informed about your condition and aware of the best treatment options available to you. You have their full support in making the choice that is right for you.

A great medical staff. All were very knowledgeable and presented me with both the reasons for my problem and all possible solutions. I couldn’t ask for a better appointment. -Patrick M.

Positive Patient Experience

Your comfort is the AVT team’s top priority. From relieving your anxiety and fears to making sure you are physically comfortable throughout your procedure, the staff and physicians work to ensure your experience is smooth and as enjoyable as possible. They treat each patient with the respect and compassion they’d expect for their own family members, which is evident in each of the testimonials contributed by past patients.

Celeste did such a great job on my vein treatment today! She was so thorough with what to expect. I had really high anxiety going into the appointment. She was so patient with me. She has a light touch and made the process very pleasant! -Katy P.

During treatments, patients are kept as comfortable as possible. In fact, many reports feeling little to no pain. And patient care doesn’t stop the minute you walk out the door. You can expect to received support through your aftercare and until you are fully healed.

Celeste made me feel very comfortable, and I am already seeing great results only five days after the first treatment! -Amber R.

Patient Care is a Vital Part of the Treatment Process

The staff at AVT understands that patient care is a vital part of the treatment process. Making sure each client feels heard, supported, and like they are in good hands is crucial in defining a successful procedure. From the support staff to the physicians, every member of the AVT team works to make the patient experience, the best available in vein therapy treatments.

This team is built around a core group of support staff that are excellent in their delivery of service, knowledge, attention to detail and ability to make what they are doing understand, Then there is Dr. Ian Davey who in a short period of time makes you feel completely at ease with his vast knowledge and great bedside manner, simply a great human being and healer. -John F.