4 Reasons to Visit a Vein Specialist Before the End of Summer

4 Reasons to Visit a Vein Specialist Before the End of Summer

The first official day of summer is June 2O, but the sun and rising temperatures are already here. For many, summer is something to look forward to. It means camping, trips to the beach, bike rides, hikes, and afternoons swimming. It also means it’s time to dig out your cool summer clothes.

If you have varicose or spider veins that make you cringe at the idea of slipping into your sundresses and shorts—it may be time to give your vein specialists a call.

Along with the unappealing appearance associated with spider and varicose veins, venous disease is often accompanied by symptoms that can put a damper on activities that are typically enjoyable when the weather gets warm.

The following are 4 reasons you should see your vein specialist before the end of summer:

  1. Venous disease can cause your legs to ache and cramp: symptoms that worsen when standing or active. Treatments can help you feel more comfortable so you can enjoy hiking and beachside strolls.
  2. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more severe your symptoms become. What started out as an aesthetic condition, or a condition that caused minor discomfort, can grow into a disease that severely limits your lifestyle and threatens your health.
  3. Long summer nights are supposed to be enjoyable, but when they are long due to sleep disturbances caused by venous disease, stargazing is the furthest thing from your mind. Treatments can help you sleep better so that you can engage in full, active days and choose when they extend late into the evening.
  4. You deserve to feel good about yourself! You shouldn’t have to dread swimsuit season. The sooner you pick up the phone and talk to a vein specialist, the sooner you will regain the confidence it takes to fully embrace the season.

Call and schedule a consult with an Advanced Vein Therapy professional today and reclaim your love for the sun while the season is young.